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"Dedicated to Improving the Grace and Charm of Placerville"

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Coming Soon, download for our self-guided walking tour...

Coming Soon our Garden Tour that includes Main Street Landmark City Clock Route; Lower Main Street to Landmark Bell Tower Route; and the Landmark Druid Monument Route at Upper Main Street... and Hangtown Creek; Randolph Creek; Caltrans Adopt-A-Highway; El Dorado Trail and Gold Bug Park and Historic Points of Interest for the History Buff.  Old Map and Garden Walk is free to download.

Placerville Walking Tour of City Gardens by Community Pride

Downtown Main Street Near City Clock Landmark

#1/12 Old City Hall Gardens

Old City Hall Gardens by Keith and Josette Johnson

Gardens at City Clock, Lot and Buildings

#2/12 Main at Bedford Garden

Flowers blooming on Veterans Day Weekend 

#3/12 Monument Garden Project

Monument Garden Project to Honor the Fallen

#4/12 Ore Cart Garden Project

Ore Cart Garden Project at Gold Bug Park Sign

Ore Cart "River of Gold" Garden Project

Bell Tower Landmark

Lower Main Street Area Near Bell Tower Landmark

#5/12 Fox Lot Garden

Fox Lot Shade and Flowering Tree Project

Parking Lot Shade and Stormwater Rose Garden

#6/12 Welcome Sign Area

Hangtown Creek Project at Welcome Sign Area by Debra Power

Hangtown Creek Project and Mountain Meadow

#7/12 Parking Garage Planter

Parking Garage Planter by Debra Power

Dancing Shadows Black Bamboo Garden Project

#8/12 Gold Bug Park Garden

Gold Bug Park Garden Project by Cindy Podsiadlo

Garden at Museum and Walk to Gold Mine

Upper Main Street Area Near Druid Monument Landmark

#9/12 Ivy House Garden

Ivy House Flower Garden near Druid Monument

Ivy House Flower Garden at old Cork Oak

#10/12 Mooney Lot Garden

Main Street Maples Garden Project

Main Street Maples Garden at Mooney Lot

#11/12 EDC Chamber Garden

EDC Chamber Mountain Theme Garden

Mountain Garden at EDC Chamber Building

#12 Adopt-A-Highway Creek Trail

Randolph Creek and Trail Butterfly Project

Poppy & Butterflies at Trail & Randolph Creek

Placerville Walking Tour of Work Projects and Monument Garden Fundraising

Placerville Walking Tour of Public Art

Placerville Walking Tour Community Pride Public Art Projects

Garden Fairy Murals

Garden Fairy Murals at Old City Hall by Debra Power

Garden Fairy Murals Located at Old City Hall Gardens and Public Restroom.

Garden Wall Mural

Garden Wall Mural Located at Mooney Lot at Old Soda Works Main Street Maple Garden

Snowshoe Thompson Mural

Snowshoe Thompson Mural by Oran Miller and Photo by Josette Johnson

Public Art Mural of Local Hero and Mail Carrier Snowshoe Thompson Located at the old Post Office.

Old Placerville Map Historic Walking Tour

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